Tonia Kelley CRPC, CDFA

Tonia KelleyAs a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ Tonia assist clients with divorce financial planning. In this capacity she works with other members of the divorce team (lawyers, mediators, CPAs, and psychiatrists) to assist clients in coordinating a plan of action that will help them attain an equitable settlement.

•Produce comprehensive and realistic analysis of the client’s pre- and post-divorce situation with regard to assets, incomes, budgets, maintenance, child support, taxes, retirement plans, investments, and educational expenses.

•Utilize provided information to illustrate the short- and long-term effects of potential divorce settlements, providing clients and their attorneys with customized reports and charts they need to gain a financially equitable settlement.

•Evaluate the marital economic history and assist clients with determining the marital net worth and developing a pre- and post-divorce budget.

•Analyze and provide expertise on the financial issues of divorce including the short and long term effects of dividing property, tax laws affecting the divorce, determining cost basis and capital gains on the sale of property, evaluating insurance needs post-divorce, determining earnings capabilities, analyzing pension and retirement plans, and calculating the present value of a pension.

•Act as a financial neutral in collaborative meetings with clients and their attorneys, providing fair and balanced financial advice and guidance to both parties.


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