Wendy Beeman

WendyWendy Beeman is a Certified Paralegal at WhitsonLaw, a position she has held since January 2010. WhitsonLaw firm is a small full-service law firm with a practice concentration in family and matrimonial law. Wendy earned her Paralegal Certification from Boston University in 2009. She is also a trained mediator and assists divorcing clients in reaching solutions and settling issues regarding custody and marital finances.

Ms. Beeman’s work in the field of family law began many years ago as an advocate and then later as Executive Director for the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) chapter of Essex County. In this role, she provided services to families in crisis and to abused and neglected children in the NYS Family Courts.

Ms. Beeman also served as legal advocate for victims of domestic violence with Behavioral Health Services North STOP/DV program. In that role, she developed skills and in depth knowledge required to assist victims of family violence. Her work with these victims has propelled Ms. Beeman to her work in divorce collaboration and mediation. Her life experience and professional skills give her the insight, compassion and understanding to assist individuals in the throes of a divorce. She recognizes the capacity for collaborative divorce to bring dignity and respect to the divorce process.


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